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Undergrad Courses (disciplinas):

Algoritmos e Programação (ADS/Mod I/IFPI – in portuguese)

Sistemas Multimídia (ADS/Mod V/IFPI – in portuguese)

Programação Corporativa (ADS/Mod III/IFPI – in portuguese)

Análise Orientada a Objetos (ADS/Mod III/IFPI – in portuguese)

General Advice To Students:

Meta Paper Draft (how to structure and write a paper)

Heilmeier’s Catechism (How to Check if my Idea is Worth Trying?)

Talks and Short-Courses:


CATRA/NETRA – devices and techniques for self assessment of eye health. Parnaíba-PI (slides-portuguese).

Ramesh Raskar’s Idea Hexagon (slides-portuguese) – translation to portuguese, based on his original presentation, with some personal bits. Presented at IFPI’s Semana do Calouro.


Digital Photography (slided-portuguese) – photography prime with theory and some practical advices.

Planning short-course at SACI – (slides, sources)

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