What is Wordle? Viral word game spreading like wildfire on Twitter to challenge your brain

What is Wordle? Viral word game spreading like wildfire on Twitter to challenge your brain

There’s a new trend in town. Wordle is the addictive word game taking over the Internet. Here’s what you need to know about playing the brain teaser that’s gotten everyone in a competitive mood

Been seeing yellow and green grids flooding your Twitter timeline and wondered what that was about? That’s Wordle – the new word game everyone’s playing.

Wordle is the simple yet addictive word game that’s taken over the Internet in the New Year. The viral puzzle game is a free, easy-to-access brain teaser that challenges your vocabulary.

The game can be played from any device from which you can browse the internet, and it also lets you share your scores online.

Although it was launched 200 days ago, Wordle has really blown up on social media in the past week, with almost everyone jumping on the trend.

Here’s what you need to know about the game that’s been trending on Twitter including what it is and how to play it.

Wordle is a simple but tricky word puzzle which asks players to solve just one word puzzle per day.

The word is always a five-letter word that is the same for everyone who plays the game, and since there’s a new word every day you can make a habit of it and play it daily.

The aim of the game is to guess the single word each time you play – you have six attempts to get it right. If you don’t get the word in six tries, you have to wait until the next day to try again with a new word.

The addictive game uses a colour-coded system to give you a little hint which lets you know if a letter is in the right spot or not, with every guess you make.

For example, if you guess a word incorrectly, but one of the letters is right and in the correct position, that box turns green. If a letter in a word is correct but not in the right spot in your guess, then the box turns yellow.

If none of the letters in your guess is the correct answer, the box turns grey.

The game also lets you challenge yourself with a ‘hard mode’, which forces players to use hints given by the game, stopping you from guessing words at random.

Since the word is the same for everyone, its quite fun to compare your guesses and scores with that of friends, family or even strangers playing online.

Even if you don’t get the answer right, the game still lets you share your scores online, which means you can have a laugh about the incorrect guesses you’ve made.