New 50p launched for Queen’s Platinum Jubilee set to become UK’s ‘rarest ever’ coin

New 50p launched for Queen’s Platinum Jubilee set to become UK’s ‘rarest ever’ coin

A new one-off coin has been launched to mark Queen Elizabeth II’s 70 years on the throne, with a portrait of her on horseback – and apparently Her Majesty really likes it

A new 50p has been launched to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee this year – and experts say it could be the rarest ever.

Unusually, the coin does not feature the Queen’ s head.

Instead, one side has the number 70 – to mark her 70 years on the throne – and the other has an image of her on horseback.

Every 50p during the Queen’s reign has had her portrait on one side – making the 2022 UK Platinum Jubilee a first.

The coin was designed by Osborne Ross and created by the Royal Mint. The portrait of the Queen on horseback was drawn by coin artist J ohn Bergdahl.

It has been personally approved by the Queen, according to the Royal Mint.

ChangeChecker spokesperson Alexandra Siddons said: “I’m sure you’ll agree that this coin is one of the most exciting issues we’ve ever seen.”

The new 50p costs £4.50, plus £2.99 postage, and is available here from the Westminster Collection.

Alternatively it is for sale for £7 from the Royal Mint for the cupronickel version – the alloy that most 50ps are made from.

The Royal Mint is also selling silver versions of the 50p for £57.50 and £102.50, depending on weight.

Gold versions are for sale for £1,095 and £2,185, and a coin made of the metal platinum is available for £1,395.

The Royal Mint divisional director of commemorative coin Clare Maclennan said: “The Platinum Jubilee is an historic occasion and one that is particularly special for The Royal Mint, as the original maker of British Coins for 1,100 years.

“From today, the Platinum Jubilee 50p is available from £7, commemorating a remarkable 70 years on the throne.”

The Royal Mint is also giving away 7,000 of the coins to children who complete the special Jubilee edition of The Queen’s Green Canopy RFS Junior Forester Award.

This aims to inspire young people to learn about the benefit of trees and help manage woods in their local community.

The Jubilee will take place on February 6 this year and marks 70 years of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign .

The Royal Mint has also created a separate 50p and £5 coin to celebrate the occasion.

The £5 coin is known as a crown, and is traditionally launched at every royal Jubilee – but 50ps have never been produced for a Jubilee before.

Each of these two coins features a new design on one side and the Queen’s head on the other.

The new 50p was also designed by Osborne Ross and features a reverse design that comprises the number 70, The Queen’s cypher and the years that span her reign.

The Queen is already the longest-serving monarch alive today. Only one former monarch ruled for longer – Louis XIV of France, whose reign lasted 72 years and 110 days.

The Queen will beat that record on May 27, 2024.

The £5 crown was also designed by John Bergdahl and features the quartered shield of the Royal Arms.