I threw my partner a party but he asked me to leave so he could have privacy’

I threw my partner a party but he asked me to leave so he could have privacy’

Sharing her story anonymously, a woman said that she had thrown her partner a party for his birthday but when it was in mid-swing she was asked to leave so he could talk to his friends in private

A woman said she was shocked when she was asked to leave her boyfriend’s birthday party – even though she had organised the whole thing herself.

Sharing her story anonymously, the woman said that she wanted to make sure her partner, who is a doctor, enjoyed his big day so organised a bash and invited all of his friends.

But then, as the party was in mid-swing, one of her boyfriend’s work friends approached her and asked her to leave – saying they all wanted to discuss something ‘confidential’.

Now people have warned the woman to leave her boyfriend, saying he should have stuck up for her and that his actions look like a huge red flag to them.

Taking to Reddit, the woman said: “I’d arranged for the party and paid for everything. It wasn’t a surprise since the party was held at a restaurant, and he needed heads up so he could invite his doctor friends.

“We got there then his friends started arriving, an hour later one asked if I could leave because they wanted to discuss work stuff and it’s confidential.

“I was so shocked I laughed asking why he thought it was appropriate to discuss work during a party and he replied that I had an ‘attitude’.

“An argument ensued and they ‘demanded’ that I leave but I said absolutely not. My boyfriend finally spoke up after it escalated and asked that I keep the peace and go home but I refused.

“I reminded him and let his friends know that I’d arranged for this party and paid for it and so they should leave since they’re just ‘guests’.

“He pulled me aside and begged I go home after they said if I don’t leave then they will but I still refused.

“They left, all of them and the party was cut short. My boyfriend was upset and started complaining at home that I ruined his B-day the minute I started arguing with his friends.

“I told him they were being disrespectful to me but he said I was wrong too cause they said they wanted to discuss medical stuff and I should’ve respected that and not made it ‘personal’.”

After sharing her story online, the woman was inundated with advice from strangers who applauded her for sticking up for herself.

One said: “Use that red flag as a cape and fly away.”

While another added: “Are you dating Satan? What type of boyfriend asks you to leave the birthday dinner you paid for! Feel the joy that you ruined his stupid birthday and dump him ASAP!”

And a third wrote: “When someone shows you who they are, believe them. He chose his ‘friends’ although you arranged everything. Asking you to leave was incredibly rude – and that is without you hosting. You deserve someone who treats you better.”