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Snow Storm

December 30, 2010
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Well, some people may have heard about the snow storm that fell down at this part of the world some days ago, so here is what my experience with it was like.

First, I was working during most of the first night of the blizzard, so I couldn’t see the amount of snow that was accumulating outside, but at 1:00am it was time to go home, and this is what the street looked like:

snow street, Cambridge MA

This is "snow street", near MIT Media Lab. I had to cross it this way.

But since it had already snowed before (just not this much), there was already salt spread through the most important streets and avenues. Given that, some adventurers/drivers were still driving around. This taxi driver, for instance, wasn’t particularly slow.

Crazy TX

Fast taxi at 77 Mas Avenue (MIT main building).

The cold is not so challenging (if you’re well protected as I was), and the view is quite cool to somebody who’ve never seen the snow before (yeah, the freezer doesn’t count).

Snow square

My way home during the snow storm

The other news is that we now have a pet at our lab. It’s a mouse that’s very interested in the leftovers we throw away every night after dinner.

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  1. Ney Paranaguá permalink
    December 31, 2010 11:43 pm

    It seems to be a Stephen King thing …

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