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Xmas at MIT Media Lab

December 24, 2010
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Ho ho ho, it’s Siggraph season and everybody is hard at work here at the Camera Culture group. But after all it is also christmas and we (sort of) also celebrate this “holiday” here. This is a report of our attempt to create a thematic decoration at our lab this noon.

First the crew put hands on to make the christmas lights and tree to work. In this picture we can see Abhijit Bendale hard at work with the help of Vitor Pamplona:

Abhijit and Vitor trying hard to decorate the lab

The result was ok, but not very “inspirational”, so we got the help of seasoned christmas-fellow Dr. Ramesh Raskar, head of the Camera Culture group:

Ramesh Raskar fixing the mess

The final result is much more pleasing to the eye now. Notice the detail of the “xmas gift” under the tree:

Merry christmas!

If you don’t believe I’m seriously saying our final design is amazing, see the face of these passers-by when they saw our stuff by chance while visiting the MIT Media Lab:

Passers-by amazed by our christmas tree and lights (and Mr. Snow-singer-man)

Merry christmas!

Feliz Natal!

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