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Siggraph Project Accident

December 16, 2010

Is light a form of heat? Yeah yeah yeah, of course… Light is made of photon particles, electromagnetic energy, which is directly converted into other energy forms when absorbed…

But it’s also a bit odd when you burn an ant using only sunlight and a magnifier glass (everybody did this sometime as a young child). What about burning a light-mask without even using a lens?

Well, as part of my ultra-top-secret Siggraph project, I’ve been playing with a 600 lumens LED that is very bright indeed. But today something unexpected happened: the mask caught on fire during an experiment! Blame it on the LED:

Light and burnt mask

Burnt mask still in place, on top of a 600 lumens LED

The burnt mask

Detail of the mask after the burning episode

The 600 lumens LED

The vilain: a 600 lumens LED. I was using only one of the two available. Yeah, that's a heatsink.

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