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Some clues about the game

July 22, 2010

The development of BMR (not saying the name yet…) is going well. I’ve decided to give some clues about the gameplay and other details. It’s going to be a fish-racing game, where you play with a very fast and famous sea dude, and challenge opponents in carefully designed water-tracks (I’ve only been showing screenshots of the tropical reef one).

The basic mechanics are much like that of Sperm Racer, a game I’ve designed and developed a couple of years ago together with my friend Pedro Thiago. The basic swimming mechanic turned out being a lot of fun to play on the iPhone (I’m not saying which input method is being used yet, but it feels much better than all the options of the original game – very responsive, intuitive and unintrusive as well).

The are also a couple of new moves that allowed the creation of funny new mechanics and levels. Without detailing too much, the races will vary among the following types of challenges:

  • Racing to the finish line;
  • Reach & hunt a single fish opponent;
  • Obstacle race;
  • Underwater slalom;
  • …Some other types of time based challenges;

There will be online scores for the best times for each challenge and achievements such as finding hidden items and collecting stuff around the tracks.

I plan to make the game name and logo public as soon as I finish the official website and some legal precautions are taken. By this time I should also post a video of the actual gameplay, but for now here are some new screenshots:

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