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September 7, 2009

Both games I’m currently working on now, França Antártica and the iPhone RPG “Tales of Bast”, will take part on two game competitions this year: Unity Awards 2009 and SBGames 2009 Indy Games Festival.

Last year, me and artist Pedro Thiago succesfully released Sperm Racer, which took part in Unity Awards 2008 and got an honor mention in its category. This year’s UA seems to be much more competitive, with a nice and fast-growing community, thanks to the broader audience of their current products.

SBGames is the largest brazilian simposium in games and entertainment, showcasing the best of the industry and academic research in fields related to games. This year conference will be held in Rio de Janeiro, with an expected attendance of 1200 regular participants, besides the “passers by”. Every year, the Indy Games Festival happens at the same time, being an opportunity for the developers to test their creations with an audience, and maybe win a prize as well.

Here are some screenshots of the current state of the França Antártica Demo:

Entering an "oca"

Entering an "oca"

Jero at the woods

Jero at the woods

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