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New Game! França Antártica

June 19, 2009
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It’s a while since the last post. Kind of busy with a probability course at the PhD program, but now is time to spread the good news…

We are now deep in a new game project with Unity3D game engine. This time we’ve got funding, so we could set a small team of artists and developers to try to make something amazing.

The game will be called França Antártica and it’s a 3rd person action game. It’s set during a period of brazilian history were France tryed to invade our country (XVI-th century).

We’re currently developing the demo version, with consists of the first level, set in the jungles and beaches of Guanabara Bay in 1552. The main character is Jeró, a curious indian who gets involved with the history while trying to help his tribe.

There’s an official blog for the project where we’ll be posting screenshots and videos.

Enought said, next time I’ll talk about the AI I’m developing for the game, with data-driven HSM (hierarquical state machines), intelligent agents and a very special storytelling mechanism based on PNF-Networks (I’ll talk about this as well).

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  1. ramiro permalink
    August 8, 2009 5:43 pm

    Gostaraia de saber se vc pode ensinar como criar games com unity3d (criaçao de fps e racing), aula particular ou turma?

    • erickpassos permalink*
      August 8, 2009 5:56 pm

      Caro Ramiro,

      Não sei se tenho tempo disponível para algo assim, mas sugiro 3 coisas a você:
      1 – Entra em contato por erickpassos (at) gmail (ponto) com para fazer uma visita ao medialab se vc morar perto de Niteroi-RJ;
      2 – Procura informacoes sobre o SBGames 2009, que será no RJ esse ano em outubro. Eu inscrevi um tutorial Unity3D lá que espero seja aprovado;
      3 – A faculdade CCAA tá abrindo uma especialização em desenvolvimento de jogos com Unity (participo como professor, por email posso passar mais informações).

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