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MindSet-I brainstorming

March 14, 2009

A brainstorming session with graphic designer friend Carlos Ranna, about a future game controller:

1 – The controller:
The revolutionary Mindset-I is a direct-to-brain controller that is similar in shape to a current brain control headset. However, it is capable of not only map the collected electrical waves as input, but also affect these brain waves to form sensations such as images, sound, smells, pleasure, disconfort, pain and even terror.

Mindset-I can be hooked to any device with an USB-7 port. It’s universal driver architecture provides for a true plug’n’play experience. Power requirements vary acording to the version, as explained below.

1.1 Versions:

  • Mindset-I Classic – the original mindset, the first brain interface with true read-write capability. Requires a 10 watt USB port, already present in most current Cloud-Terminals.
  • Mindset-I ToGo – enjoy the pleasure of reading and writing waves on your brain with full mobility. Compatible with the majority of handhelds in the market.
  • BrainWave Booster – discontinued product. Click here<fake link> to find legacy drivers.

1.2 Features

2 – Games

Mindset-I Classic and Mindset-I ToGo ship with a copy of Brain Sports, an adictive collection of so called sports that can (now) be played with the power of your mind. The folowing list with reviews was published in the last issue of the Game Developer Magazine.

List of brain controled games, with respective sales numbers and mini reviews:

#1 – Brain Sports
#2 – Hyper Mario Universe in a Nutshell
#3 – Ultimate Final Fantasy XX
#4 – Brainball Deluxe
#5 – GTA X – Pimp Town Ride
#6 – Neverending Saga
#7 – Boxing – Champions with no brain damage

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  1. March 14, 2009 7:58 pm

    Too cool! Now, I wanna do a Brain Hadouken…

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