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Closing in – new demo

September 13, 2008

Update: new demo (v0.3.5) available.

We are getting close to beta stage, I mean, having a complete version, with all features and levels, that will eventually evolve to be a release candidate. Our schedule is very aggressive, so we’ll publish a new demo version (0.3.x) in the next couple of hours. The new features are very interesting:

  • 3rd level is now available (as planned);
  • New GUI status message on the bottom (to help figuring out important events);
  • Warping (New Game Mechanic!!!)

I’ll talk a bit about the warping system since this mechanic took a while to develop and changes some bits in gameplay. It’s now possible to do brief warps through the track by tapping twice to the same side or by pressing the mouse button. It’s a brief but useful advantage, specially for the novice player.

However, the warp consumes stamina very fast, and it’s not possible to activate it if the level of this resource is lower than 75%. We think this is interesting because it becomes difficult to the player to use this advantage at the finish line, unless he is very good in saving his stamina. On the other hand, it’s a good tool for the start, which is been a disapointment to some players to see the AIs going fast from the beggining.

We hope you enjoy this new feature and also expect some feedback since it’s still being calibrated.

In the next (long) post I’ll talk about the 4th and last level (mechanics variation) and some features planned to the final release of the game.

Here’s a new screenshot of the 3rd level starting line:

3rd level screenshot

3rd level screenshot

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