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I’m Erick Passos, a Computer Science Professor at IFPI. This is my personal website. If you’re looking for information about my game development start-up, please visit Sertão Games.

I post my thoughts on computer science and other subjects in the blog section, and try my best to keep my resumee updated. Those interested in some of my current and past projects should also take a look at my portfolio. I finished my PhD at UFF Media Lab, and I’ve been a visiting researcher at the MIT Media Lab, working with the Camera Culture group.

My current research interests are health aiding devices (human vision, orthopedics) and artificial intelligence (storytelling, emotion and inter-personal relations modeling, knowledge representation). In my spare time, I like to develop games.

The term Sertão 3D accounts for two things I regard: the region where I live in, a very beautiful and still wild part of Brazil, and the passion I have for game development.

Email: erickpassos [at] gmail [dot] com.

If you want to make a donation to help me keep working on game tutorials and other Unity 3D projects, please click on the button bellow (your help will be much appreciated):